Building math confidence — for teachers and students

Unlike screen-based math intervention programs, SpringMath uniquely equips teachers to lead highly efficient, classwide math interventions. It also uses paired learning to lift all students and build enduring mastery and mathematical confidence.

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Teacher-led math interventions drive math mastery

SpringMath is teacher-led and incorporates research-proven paired learning — meaning it doesn't rely on independent student screen time. Students achieve math mastery and long-term math confidence through paper and pencil, "show-what-you-know" learning.

SpringMath is built on a robust foundation of embedded coaching and support for each teacher as well as access to support documentation and help.

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Students working together on math intervention worksheet

What districts are saying about SpringMath

The fact that students must explain their work positively impacts math outcomes.

Dr. Rob Dill, Assistant Principal at Forest Hills Elementary in Pennsylvania

We can use SpringMath with agility to ensure that our high-flyers and our struggling learners all flourish.

Kristen Ring, Head of School at Hutchinson School in Tennessee

SpringMath is the most efficient and effective suite of mathematics tools I have ever seen.

Kevin Feldman, Ed.D., at the Sonoma County Office of Education in California 

Explicit instruction, common routines, and data drive appropriate interventions.

Dr. Rob Dill, Assistant Principal at Forest Hills Elementary in Pennsylvania 

SpringMath will revolutionize the application of the RTI framework to math.

Robin Codding, Ph.D., in Department of Applied Psychology, Northeastern University in Massachusetts