How SpringMath supports long-term success

Strong math intervention programs play a key role in helping students build enduring math confidence — yet not all programs are created equal. To support the long-term success of our partners, SpringMath provides high-quality resources using an evidence-based approach, ongoing support, and an intuitive platform that saves users time.

Teacher in front of class teaching math

1. Best-in-class resources

Universal screening, academic interventions, and progress monitoring are hallmarks of an impactful math initiative. However, for busy teachers, finding the time to complete these activities can feel like an immense challenge.

To offer a solution that’s both efficient and effective, SpringMath provides the guidance and support teachers need to deliver successful math interventions in just 15 minutes a day — including specific instructions, printable instructional materials, and scripts.

Renee Lepley, Principal at North Star Central Elementary in Boswell, Pennsylvania, discusses the value of SpringMath:

"Because SpringMath is data-driven, it tells us exactly what we need to do to set our students up for success. It takes the guesswork out of what we should be doing and creates a clear plan forward on both a classroom and an individual level."

2. Ongoing support

Math interventionists need to work alongside education leaders to gain a deeper understanding of their goals, challenges, and opportunities. SpringMath’s implementation team collaborates with district partners to create customized plans with training resources focused on student outcomes.

Kelly Pinkerton, Director of Assessment & Innovative Learning from Vail School District in Vail, Arizona, recognizes the importance of teamwork:

"One of the things that I really appreciate about the SpringMath team is their openness to suggestions. It’s been really helpful to not just have a support page, but also partners willing to listen and even implement some of our ideas."

For a math intervention program to succeed in the long term, it needs to be a true team effort guided by a foundation of coaching and support.

3. Intuitive platform saves time

The success of your math intervention program should be about the people, not the software. That’s why SpringMath’s platform leverages technology to make teachers more efficient and effective in their roles — as proven by rigorous, peer-reviewed research — and combines streamlined tools for assessment, reporting, and intervention.

  • Streamlined assessment — dynamically generated screening, diagnostic, and progress-monitoring assessments.

  • Effective intervention — targeted classwide and individual interventions take just 15 minutes a day.

  • Progress monitoring — brief progress monitoring adapts intervention weekly.

  • Actionable reports — identify student achievements and needs with individual and classroom reports.

To reduce errors and enhance supports, SpringMath provides instructional coaching in the form of a consistent feedback loop. Additionally, implementation dashboards enable district, school, and classroom leaders to track intervention progress and success.

Jennifer Hauswirth, Tech Integration Specialist at Columbia Heights Public Schools, discusses how SpringMath sets educators up for success:

"Everything is packaged so well; teachers don’t need to spend time looking outside the program for other math resources because that’s all built in. SpringMath also provides clear guidance and instructions, so educators can hit the ground running."