Use these top math intervention resources in 2023

When implementing a math intervention program, questions may arise. You might find that you need additional resources to help strengthen the effectiveness of your intervention program. With so many options to choose from, how can an educator know which math intervention resources actually perform well with students?

SpringMath recognizes the value in both paid and free math resources. Let’s dive into some of our favorite math intervention resources and why we love them.


Our platform provides a research-based, comprehensive math achievement solution. We offer tools for screening, assessing, reporting, and intervention. 

SpringMath begins with a 15-minute screener to assess whether you need an individual intervention or a classwide intervention. When it comes time to intervene, we supply daily 15-minute activities based on last week’s progress. 

We make it easy to monitor your students’ performance and automatically generate next week’s intervention based on students’ performance the previous week. This ensures that your students receive activities that supplement their math education in areas they actually need.

SpringMath takes it one step further by making reporting a breeze. You can generate actionable reports in no time and see how your students are tracking. As an educator, you want the best for your students. Adding SpringMath to your math intervention resources takes the guesswork out of student success and allows teachers to truly do their best.

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides free practice exercises, instructional videos, and other course materials to supplement your math intervention program. Khan offers resources for students, teachers and districts.

Educators can easily access the tools they need to supplement their intervention program. In fact, Khan reports that its math materials boosted student performance by an average of 10 percentage points and districts have found 33% higher growth in middle school math scores. Consider adding Khan Academy to your math intervention resources. 


The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics created Illuminations to hold a variety of lesson plans and activities for students. Generating content and lesson plans can feel taxing to educators when student performance varies in the classroom. Illuminations offers great lesson plans to help you stay on track.

With over 700 lesson plans and 50 activities, you will find something to match every student's needs. You can rest assured that these plans meet the needs of the Common Core state standards, making it one of our favorite math intervention resources.

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CK-12 contains excellent math intervention resources such as digital textbooks, webinars, activities, and other course content for both teachers and students. Sometimes we can take for granted our access to textbooks and instruction materials. Not every child can afford to have these crucial resources supplied to them.

CK-12 strives to supply children with equal access to the resources they need and free of cost. These materials make a great addition to your intervention program and allow you to customize the material each student needs to get back on track. 

Educators strive to support their students and get them to meet their high achievement goals. Math intervention resources like SpringMath provide an easy way to implement and manage your student’s progress. Take advantage of the free resources to get you started in the right direction. At the end of the day, we want the best for our students while giving teachers peace of mind. Interested in learning more about SpringMath? Request a demo today.

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