Building a math intervention program around your student data

Let SpringMath help you set up a math intervention program centered around your students' data needs in the classroom. 

How to set up a math intervention program

Math intervention programs are designed to be cost effective, engaging, accurate and time sensitive. Adding SpringMath to the current curriculum base in your school district proves more cost effective than changing the curriculum altogether. 

The program is also time sensitive. A study found that the average second- grader is fully engaged in what they're learning for two hours a day. The average assessment takes only 15. The SpringMath website has more information on how to set up a SpringMath program in your school district and classroom.

Assessing student progress data

Classwide and individual interventions make it easy to assess student progress data. First, the students will go through a universal screening process. This allows teachers and school officials to identify the areas that need most attention. 

SpringMath has found that it's a classroom of students who need additional support after the universal screening process. Data from weekly assessments tells teachers and administration who's doing well with the SpringMath program and who’s are not.

After identifying classroom needs from the universal screening process, it's an easy transition into a math intervention program. 

Setting students and teachers up for success

SpringMath allows for year-long success by focusing on peer-to-peer tutoring and week-by-week assessments. Peer-to-peer tutoring is based on pairing up one higher performing student with a lower performing student. The students observe each other's work and notify the teacher if they notice an error or need help problem solving. 

Students are meant to feel confident and comfortable with their work and allow teachers to continue with their lesson plans. Teachers still may require additional help after conducting a classwide intervention. Individual intervention plans might be the next step.

SpringMath has sample Intervention packets for both individual students and entire classrooms for you to access. 

Teacher and student high fiving

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