Curriculum Staff

Curriculum staff

“With SpringMath, we’re not going to have any kids fall through the cracks. We are going to catch everyone. It’s exactly what we’ve been looking for."

–Tanya Thielen, Intervention Teacher, Pioneer Elementary

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Discover a clear path to math mastery

SpringMath's highly effective interactive platform combines streamlined tools for assessment, reporting, and intervention to provide a clear path to achievement for every student. It is a comprehensive MTSS/RTI math system based on breakthrough empirical research that deploys a model proven to improve math outcomes in an easy-to-implement, equitable, and cost-effective manner.

SpringMath uniquely equips districts for accelerated student math achievement. A highly effective, interactive platform, SpringMath combines streamlined tools for assessment, reporting and intervention to provide a clear path to math achievement for every student.

These tools set SpringMath apart from other math achievement solutions

Reduce errors with a consistent feedback loop

SpringMath reduces errors and enhances implementation by providing actionable data to users. Implementation dashboards provide feedback on implementation fidelity and rate of progress.

Easy-to-understand reports ensure you know how and when interventions are delivered. This feature promotes the sharing of information, collaboration, and implementation fidelity.

The coaching and teacher dashboards help monitor implementation, track progress, provide ongoing results, and facilitate consulting with peers.

    SpringMath coaching includes:

    • Cohort user groups, ongoing access to coaching and implementation support
    • Research-based guidance and implementation theory remove the guesswork, so implementing with fidelity is easy

    Cohort user groups provide teachers and coaches access to:

    • Ongoing coaching
    • Extensive online resources and support
    • Research-based implementation guidance
    • Critical dashboards

    “It’s an easy thing to slip in that makes a huge impact. It’s user friendly. It’s like 15 minutes of your day.”

    - Jan Stroinski, Instructional Coach/SpringMath Interventionist, Thorp District

    SpringMath is built on more than 20 years of research