What is SpringMath?

We’re so glad you asked! SpringMath is based on the work of Dr. Amanda VanDerHeyden. It’s an award-winning, complete, schoolwide MTSS solution that engages both teachers and students to increase self-confidence and long-term understanding of mathematics. SpringMath combines streamlined tools for assessment, reporting and intervention, and provides a clear path to mastering math in just 15 minutes a day. This type of supplemental curriculum utilizes research backed by math experts to provide real-time images of both short-term and long-term student success in mathematics.

The assessment results allow students to customize their individual intervention plans throughout the school year. Students receive targeted screening, diagnostic, and progress-monitoring assessments. Educators, on the other hand, will receive real-time progress monitoring prompts and actionable reports. This system makes it easy for neither party to ever get overwhelmed.

Simply put, we are setting students up for a life of math achievement through proven methods!

Students working together on math worksheet

Well that sounds great! How do I know if my students need SpringMath?

One of the greatest things about SpringMath is its approachability to students of all levels. To begin your SpringMath journey, a 15-minute screener is put in place to determine whether individual or classwide intervention is needed. From there, the platform puts several processes in place to provide a clear path to achievement for every student.

This is the best way to make sure you are setting up all of your students for success. Those who need math intervention are able to receive it in a way that is accessible to their learning styles! For your students that do not need intervention, you can make sure they are being given other assignments to challenge them and continue their learning and love of math.

Is your classroom ready for a screener? Math mastery starts here!