How SpringMath supports district leaders

SpringMath is a comprehensive, evidence-based math intervention program for students in grades K-8. Based on breakthrough empirical research, SpringMath is proven to improve math outcomes — it’s also easy to implement and cost-effective.

District leaders are accountable for student math proficiency and teacher success — SpringMath supports this by equipping teachers to lead highly efficient math assessments and interventions.

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Consultant helping district leaders

Evidence-based, cost-effective

Based on a model proven to improve math outcomes, SpringMath values human engagement over screen time to build lasting achievement. 

  • Recognized by NCII with highest rating for outcome effectiveness and screener accuracy

  • Named Tech&Learning Primary (K-6) winner at the 2021 Awards of Excellence Back to School

  • Built on a foundation of embedded coaching and support for every teacher

  • Equips teachers to lead highly efficient classwide and individual interventions

Ensure a positive return-on-investment: SpringMath is proven to have lower incremental cost ratio than other evidence-based options.

Support student achievement with human engagement

SpringMath is for educators who value human over screen engagement to build enduring math mastery and confidence. Unlike programs that remove teachers from the process, SpringMath employs technology for assessment, MTSS tool selection, and progress monitoring to help teachers be more efficient and effective.

Just 15 minutes a day: Paper and pencil student interventions are delivered by teachers in short, consistent doses — ensuring lasting mastery.

Icon of a timer showing fifteen minutes. Paper and pencil student interventions are delivered by teachers in short, consistent  doses – ensuring lasting mastery.

Clear guidance aligned to districts’ specific needs

Developed in collaboration with renowned educator and researcher Dr. Amanda VanDerHeyden, SpringMath combines streamlined tools for assessment, reporting, and interventions to provide a clear path to math achievement for every student. 

  • Short-term benefit: Improved math performance

  • Long-term benefit: Increased academic confidence, teacher performance and retention

Streamlined tools provide a clear path to math achievement

SpringMath’s highly effective interactive platform combines streamlined tools for assessment, reporting, and intervention to provide a clear path to achievement for every student. 

  • Streamlined assessment — dynamically generated screening, diagnostic, and progress-monitoring assessments 

  • Effective intervention — targeted classwide and individual interventions that take just 15 minutes a day 

  • Progress monitoring — materials generated each week adapt based upon progress monitoring

  •  Actionable reports — identify student achievements and needs with individual and classroom reports 

Tailored intervention packets are automatically generated for instructors each week based on the prior week’s results. 

  • Teacher-centered materials and instructions to complete in just 15 minutes a day  

  • Peer tutoring tools that are based on a proven model   

  • Printable student materials to build conceptual understanding and practice skills  

  • Embedded coaching, including cohort user groups and ongoing implementation support  

Simple implementation, long-term support

Adopting a new program can feel like a significant undertaking. SpringMath’s implementation science simplifies the process of gaining buy-in from stakeholders, and provides lasting support to ensure long-term success.

Districts receive:

  • Training and overview of SpringMath Theory of Change

  • Resources and presentations for district leaders 

  • Onboarding Advantage: Multiple points of contact via our ongoing training program

  • Ongoing Advantage: Coaching, prompts, and reminders to ensure successful implementation

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