Supporting math gains beyond the SpringMath program

SpringMath supports and celebrates math achievement long after the program

The SpringMath program

SpringMath’s award-winning MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) program is built on more than 20 years of research and evidence-based math strategies – a people first approach. The goal of SpringMath is to promote math mastery and academic success for students by providing resources to help teach fundamental math concepts that will carry them far beyond their current school year.

Clint Mitchell, principal at Juniata (Pennsylvania) Elementary, finds that SpringMath helps his school achieve just that. “Our objective is to make sure students have sound foundational skills, and SpringMath is a tool that we use to help build those skills. It starts with developing the basics of math fluency in kindergarten students, strengthening those skills as they grow, and decreasing gaps over time.”

Students working together

The lasting effects of SpringMath

SpringMath fosters enduring math mastery, which means students will retain and build on concepts, ensuring long-term success. Students often get “rusty” over the summer, falling behind on skills in between grade levels. However, educators using the SpringMath math intervention program with fidelity find students are better prepared for the next school year.

Tom Fletman, a fifth-grade teacher, says the skills and concepts students retain through the SpringMath program provide an easy start to a new school year. “Students retain concepts instead of slipping to the next grade without knowing certain concepts. That means that I don’t have to take an entire class period to teach or retain a topic because it’s something they already know or are at least familiar with.” 

Because SpringMath goes beyond simply meeting standards, the program has long-lasting effects over a student’s academic career. The SpringMath program builds both math mastery and confidence in students, resulting in not only success for the current grade level, but setting up the student for long-term success. 

After the implementation of the SpringMath program, Pre-SAT testing scores went up more than 25 points across grades 8, 9, and 10.

Build for student success

SpringMath was developed by Dr. Amanda VanDerHeyden, Ph.D. Dr. VanDerHeyden, policy advisor, has published nine books and more than 100 articles related to academic interventions.

Dr. VanDerHeyden’s research, and the resulting SpringMath program, are based on the science of curriculum-based measurement (CBM). CBM is now widely used and trusted in schools to deliver screening, monitor instruction, make ongoing intervention adjustments, and provide evaluations. 

SpringMath combines ongoing, short assessments with frequent interventions tailored to each student’s need and learning style. The result? Improved math achievement in both the short and long term.

Ongoing support for math achievement

The SpringMath team's people-first approach ensures a successful implementation and ongoing support for district leaders and teachers. The SpringMath team consists of former educators and administrators. The team is available throughout the year to help with coaching and ongoing support.

The goal of SpringMath is to set up every student and teacher for success, long after the program has been completed. Every win, like the increase in pre-SAT scores and successful transitions to the next academic year, builds confidence in students, teachers, and parents. 

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